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Friday, June 17, 2011

Talking about style in 4x4 action photography

When I took photos of 4x4 event from the beginning, I always think of what differences of my photos with others. Everyone can take photos of stunning photos in 4x4 action. That come into my mind the sense of motion in the photo. This is a bit tricky and need lots of frames to succeed. Below are my chronological 4x4 action photography which sometime I'm satisfied and some other time not. However, every style has their own beauty. Keep shooting action on any occasions.

Pesta Kubis Kundasang 2009 - Kundasang 4x4 Challenge - Daihatsu Rocky
My first 4x4 challenge photography encounter (Pesta Kubis 4x4 Semi-Hardcore Chellenge 2009) - my all freeze moment photo.

Ranau 4x4 Challenge - Kampung Tagudon Lama Ranau - Suzuki 4x4 SJ offroad
My 2nd 4x4 Challenge (Tagudon Lama 4x4 Challenge 2009)

Tambunan 4x4 Challenge - Novice - Daihatsu Rocky
Tambunan 4x4 Challenge - Suzuki 4x4 SJ panning
My 3rd 4x4 photography (Tambunan 4x4 Challenge 2009)

Kundasang 4x4 Novice Challenge - Co-driver running
Kundasang 4x4 Novice Challenge - Toyota Hilux Extreme panning
My 4th 4x4 photography (Kundasang Semi-Hardcore 4x4 Challenge 2010) - first time doing panning on human motion and extreme slow shutter panning.

TA4XDC New Year 4x4 Challenge 2010 - Suzuki SJ 4x4 competitor jump
TA4XDC New Year 4x4 Challenge 2010 - Kampung Bawang, Tamparuli
My 5th 4x4 photography (Tamparuli 4x4 Challenge 2010) - This time failed to capture panning photos

Cabaran 4x4 Matupang - Toyota Hilux LN106
Cabaran 4x4 Matupang - Toyota Landcruiser BJ40
My 6th 4x4 photography (Matupang Semi-Hardcore 4x4 Challenge 2010)

Toyota Hilux LN106 Sapu Rata Drift
My 7th 4x4 photography (Kundasang Novice 4x4 Challenge 2010) - I'm not satisfied with my photos :(

Cabaran 4x4 Novis Kundasang - Isuzu Trooper
Cabaran 4x4 Novis Kundasang - Landrover Defender Drift
Cabaran 4x4 Novis Kundasang
My 8th 4x4 photography (Kundasang 4x4 Novice Challenge)

Ranau Kaamatan 4x4 Challenge
Ranau Kaamatan 4x4 Challenge - Kinaway Toyota Landcruiser Mark 2
Ranau Kaamatan 4x4 Challenge - Toyota Landcruiser BJ43
Ranau Kaamatan 4x4 Challenge
Ranau Kaamatan 4x4 Challenge
My 9th 4x4 photography (Ranau Kaamatan 4x4 Challenge)

Nunuk Ragang Novice 4x4 Challenge - Sapurata Isuzu Trooper
My 10th 4x4 photography (Nunuk Ragang Novice 4x4 Challenge)  - less photos of the 4x4 events, busy taking photos of the unduk ngadau =)

Gondohon 4x4 Challenge - Taimin's Toyota landcruiser BJ40
My 11th 4x4 photography (Gondohon/Bundu Tuhan Semi-Hardcore 4x4 Challenge) - I was only attended on the 2nd day of the event

Suzuki SJ410 - Sungai Kechik 4x4 Track
My 12th 4x4 photography (4x4 outing at Changlun Kedah)

Borneo Safari 2010 - Super Suzuki Rock Crawling
My 13th 4x4 photography (Borneo Safari 2010, SS1 & SS2 only) - no panning due to slow moving cars and extreme hot sunny day.

 Jamboree RFWDC 2010 - Kampung Bambangan, Tambunan
My 14th 4x4 photography (RFWDC Tambunan 4x4 Jamboree 2010)  - panning heaven =)

 Kitup 4x4 Kundasang Challenge
My 15th 4x4 photography (Kundasang Semi-Hardcore 4x4 Challenge 2010) - less panning photos

TA4XDC New Year 4x4 Challenge 2011 - Kampung Bawang, Tamparuli
My 16th 4x4 photography (Tamparuli New Year 4x4 Challenge 2011) - panning heaven

 Ranau Chinese New Year 4x4 Challenge 2011 - Toyota Landcruiser LC2
My 17th 4x4 photography (Ranau CNY 4x4 Challenge) - just few photos this time..

KFWDC 4x4 Jamboree 2011 - Ulu Membakut
My 18th 4x4 photography (Novice 4x4 Challenge, Ulu Membakut KFWDC Jamboree 2011)

XPDC Kundasang (K4WDC) Togop Darat & Semi-Hardcore 4x4 Challenge
My 19th 4x4 photography (Togop Darat Semi-hardcore 4x4 Challenge 2011, K4WDC Jamboree)

Mitsubishi Show 05.2011
My 20th 4x4 Photography (Mitsubishi Show, Alamesra 1Borneo KK)

DAY 1 @ Kaamatan Ranau 4x4 Challenge
My 21th 4x4 photography (Ranau Kaamatan 4x4 Challenge 2011)

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