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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mount Kinabalu in Rambo 4?

It has been blogged by others and also out in the local news about possibility of a footage in Rambo 4 that believed to be the majestic Mount Kinabalu. I watched the movie my self to look for the footage and capture the following:

and a crop of the footage:

and look at the following photo by Louis Phang (Sabah International Award winning wedding photographer) to compare the picturesque of both:

If it is true that the film was using the Kinabalu footage and no credit was given to Sabah and Malaysia, it's really not fair although it may be taken from a stock photo. This movie was a block buster. Judge yourself..

This footage is after Rambo rescued the woman and before missing alert happened. Its very nice morning in this place, I wonder where was this footage taken..

Friday, March 13, 2009

Suzuki SJ410 ride to Telupid

We have some time for a getaway from my busy days writing preliminary paper to be submitted at a conference in KL. We went to Telupid visiting my father there.

Ready to begin the journey to Telupid from Kundasang

The road to my father's house.. actually 4x4 road ahead but
haven't snap the road condition.. busy handling the car.

A little creek at the farm.

The house and small 4x4 Jimny jeeps

Stairs of the simple house..

My son pretending not afraid of the cat/kitten..
he afraid of cat

Double SJ410, not mine but I am planning to get one also.. ahh well when? hahah..

Sunday, March 01, 2009

From Sea to Mountain country side

I'm not too near to beach while in Changlun, Kedah but here in KK, I can go to any public beaches here, Likas Bay, Tanjung Aru, Karambunai, etc. This time my post is about my photographic journey from seascape to mountain landscape.

This is I believe a copter for rent because I saw some people went in and out from the helipad near to the Tanjung Aru Hotel. Taken with Olympus E1 and 14-45mm.

My daughter at Tanjung Aru beach. It is not really nice sky but I plan to go here again next time, just 30mins from my house. Taken with Olympus E1 and 14-45mm.

It was low tide this morning, therefore can walk quite far from the usual beach. Taken with Olympus E1 and 14-45mm.

I was at my parent house at Kinasaraban, the clouds were always visible in this region. Its like above the clouds. Olympus E3 and 70-300mm.

Rain will start to spread anytime of the day. Olympus E1 and 40-150mm.

My village and a Jimny 4WD car. I wish to have better super wide lens, but I think its enough for now. Taken with Olympus E1 and 12-60mm.

I went to higher ground at Kundasang, the dairy farm at Mesilau, Kundasang and I' was lucky that the cows were near to the fence and I could take those New Zealand look alike dairy farm. Taken with Olympus E1 and 12-60mm.

Okay, going back to my work.. ready to do base work on programming image processing.. I like.. :p
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