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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tanjung Aru Beach Development Project: My Thought

Pantai Tanjung Aru

I was just aware of the plan by the authority to develop Tanjung Aru beach. In the same time, I read about lots of concerns by the NGOs and individuals.

Whatever it is, authority need to study a place like Manly Beach in Australia of how they develop the surrounding beach with houses, hotels, shop lots, etc., and still leaving the beach to be enjoyed freely by the people. The place even have informative website at http://www.manlyaustralia.com.au/ and councils at http://www.manly.nsw.gov.au/planning-and-development/lep-dcp-policies/lep-dcps-policies/. Of course, not to copy but study the best way it should be developed. Therefore, please do it right.

There is room for development and modernization of the beach where facilities are provided. Thus, building zones, beach zones and others can be planned carefully. The authority have the power and money to plan what is the best to all. Please do the development but keep the beach as an open space for all.   

Manly Beach, Sydney
Open space with trees, road and buildings at the other side.

Manly Beach, Sydney
Cycling path, lots of parking spaces and buildings (hotels, apartments, shops) at the other side of the road.

Manly Beach, Sydney
The beach with wall

Manly Beach, SydneyManly Beach, Sydney
Manly Beach, SydneyManly Beach, Sydney
Manly Beach, SydneyThe Curso Manly Beach, Sydney
Some of the facilities of the beach, 1) public water 2) children play grounds 3) open space grass 4) rubbish bins 5) jogging/walking track 6) cycling track 7) vehicle free shop lots
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