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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Suzuki SJ410 Suspension Lift

I'm not satisfied with the current height of my SJ410. I decided to try the SOA to increase the height, however I'm aware of the effect on the stability of the car for this type of lift. It also to enable the 31" wheels and put more height for river crossing. Anyway, to give it a try I send the car to my friend's workshop and change to the new look.

Spring over axle


  1. Anonymous3:44 AM

    Hi There,
    I have bought a Suzuki that has had the same suspention lift done as your vehicle. I have however serious issues keeping the vehicle on the road as it changes direction drastically at the slightest bump in the road. Do you have the same problem or have any idea what could cause this?

  2. Anonymous 3:44;

    Thanks for visiting my lousy blog =).

    I have no experience of such problem with my SOA. However I have terrible experience with death wobble. Death wobble is violent shake in front end when front tyres hitting bump on the road. It may be due to broken steering damper or other related parts in front axle (king pin bearings, wheel bearings etc..). The problem gone after replacing the steering damper, king pin bearings, wheel bearing, knuckle seals and disc brake bearings.

    I'm not sure the exact problem on your SOA setup. I was told that if SOA is not done properly, there may possible issue especially on the stering. You can try to check with the following:
    1. the steering damper
    2. wheel bearings and king pin bearings
    3.recheck the SOA setup, especially the steering setup.


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