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Friday, June 29, 2007

Eksplorasi Alam

Berkunjung ke tempat Bukit Wang dengan member (http://greenfore.fotopages.com) dan experimen banyak setting dan yang menjadi ialah (ikut kamera fz30 aku), manual atau shutter priority aperture f11, shutter 1s-4s, wb (auto/sunny day) dan kena pakai filter CPL (adjust supaya tak ada reflection). Kalau ada ND lagi bagus. banyak lagi nak kena explore sebab kawasan Bukit Wang boleh tahan luasnya.

Monday, January 01, 2007

My POTY 2007 (Photo of the year 2007)

Well, these is not best but people say "photo worth a thousand words". I am happy that at least I can produce something from my Lumix FZ30, something that I can proud of, coming from only a point and shoot digital camera. In fact, this camera can produce even good photo if in the hand of skilled person. I am enjoying every bit of my own hobby.

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