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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I rarely do portraiture photography due to lack of knowledge, skill and lenses which can produce nice looking portrait. However, I did join a fellow group of photographers based in Kota Kinabalu for a portraiture photography at KDCA Penampang recently. This is my second time trying some skill on portraiture. The first time was organized by other fellow friends at Mesilau, here

This time, I can say that I was failed because my first step was completely wrong. I did not reset the ISO and some other settings, like too eager to shoot the model without first checking the camera setting. Only after 10 shoots and I realized my mistake. I better continue the 4x4 photography.. =) Anyway, it sometime fun to do some portraiture photography.

Using: Olympus E-1 + 12-60mm & 70-300mm

Portraiture @ KDCA Penampang 
This is Leydia with KadazanDusun traditional costume. The ISO of this photo was 800 which I did not check before jumping into action.

Portraiture @ KDCA Penampang
Now, the ISO was reset to 100. Trying the BW with noise from Olympus E-1 camera.

Portraiture @ KDCA Penampang

Portraiture @ KDCA Penampang

Portraiture @ KDCA Penampang

Portraiture @ KDCA Penampang

Portraiture @ KDCA Penampang

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