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Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY - Hyundai Inokom Atos Starter Removal

I replaced my Suzuki Jimny SJ410 starter sometime ago and it is quite easy because plenty of space in SJ410 engine bay. However, the Atos compact engine bay is really challenging for starter removal. Actually, a hard start had happened to Atos since few months and recently getting worse. Service centre diagnosed as starter problem. The battery is new but very hard to start especially after turned off the engine and need to wait for few minutes then the Atos can be started with two or three key turn. It is very annoying when turning off the engine while filling fuel at petrol station. 

Wifey asked at service centre the new starter, guess how much.. RM1K++.. matai.. crazy expensive. Alternatively, have to go for third party starter and looking around Inanam, most of the car parts shops do not have Atos starter. Besides, I don't really know which shops have this starter. Finally, I asked the regular shop at Tamparuli and need to order (no stock already) with price is about RM200++.    

 First of all, jack the front car and put stands underneath for safety

The starter from underneath of the engine near gearbox, there are two bolts to be removed and wires to the solenoid

 The second bolt need to use an angle socket wrench

Now, the starter is removed from the gearbox

 but, the starter cannot be taken out fully because the space is too tight, and I have to remove the solenoid first (the one that has L sticker) 

 The starter with solenoid

and it is MADE IN INDIA for a Korean car! I thought it was made in Korea.
I wonder who made the third party starter for Atos. I'm still waiting for the new starter to arrive and will  post the photos for the new third party starter. 


  1. Thanks a lot. Very useful.

  2. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Tq...im facing the same problem


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