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Monday, April 23, 2012

New addition to my Mengkabong Sunrise

Saturday morning, I was invited by photography friends of MA?NAP Under Ground (MUG) (now renamed as: MKH) Sabah for a photography outing at the best sunrise spot, Mengkabong bridge overlooking Mount Kinabalu. It was a quite long time I haven't visited this spot in early morning. Thanks for the invite friends. However, I don't have tripod because my camera tripod plate was missing some time ago and force me to use whatever techniques to stabilize the camera and my shaky hands with the help of the in-body Image Stabilizer in the Olympus E-3. Here are the best without tripod.

Camera: Olympus E-3 + ZD ED 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0

ROL at Mengkabong

Morning at Mengkabong

Here are some other photos of sunrise at this spot while I was crazy to go here almost every morning.
Selamat Pagi 2 Febuari
2 Feb: Kerbau mencari makanan di sungai Mengkabong?Selamat pagi 6 Febuari
Lembayung syuruk 13 Mac di Mengkabong..Cahaya di celah awan
Menuju puncak paling tinggi..
Matahari masih tenggelam di sebalik ufuk tersembunyiKinabalu
Lembayung syuruk 13 Mac di Mengkabong..

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