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Monday, April 30, 2012

D1 Spec Oil Catch Tank

This is the most cheaper brand that I browse trough at car accessory shop recently. I bought this oil catch tank to be installed at my Suzuki SJ410 which consume quite a lot engine oil and too much oil deposit come out from the engine breather. May be the engine need to be overhauled. 

What is oil catch tank? Oil catch tank is an optional accessories for any car which to be installed between the engine breather to the air intake. Original hose from engine is normally connected directly to air intake, thus the risk of oil vapour contaminate the air intake for combustion in the engine. Oil catch tank is used to store oil excess (vapour) from the engine, thus reducing the oil vapour to the air intake.      

Well, when I inspect the build of the D1 Spec oil catch tank, no wonder it is cheaper. It is an aluminium with two inlet caps and when the caps are removed, there is no filter inside the tank. So, this tank will store deposit of excessive oil from the engine breather but will not guarantee to reduce the oil vapours through the air intake. Nevertheless, it is better than direct hose from the engine to the air intake. I'm thinking of modifying this oil catch tank with filter to reduce oil vapour to the air intake.   

D1 Spec Oil Catch Tank box, the price RM195 is wrong, it is cheaper (check out at mudah.my)

Inlets at the top of the tank

The basic package of D1 Spec oil catch tank

1 comment:

  1. Wow! I'll be saving up for this. Thanks for showing it to me.


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