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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Solved: Hyundai Inokom Atos 1.1 (A) Difficult to Start

Follow the motion

Ok, I have this previous blog entry:  DIY - Hyundai Inokom Atos Starter Removal

And, the third-party starter replacement has arrived. Before the new starter is about to be fitted, lets check the build and quality of this may be "made in China" starter. Judge it yourself.

Hyundai Inokom Atos 1.1 (A) Third-party Starter
Company who distribute this third-party starter, order through car-parts shop at Tamparuli, Sabah and cost about RM200++. 

Hyundai Inokom Atos 1.1 (A) Third-party Starter
Absolutely identical starter but.. hmm.. of course very different build quality.

Hyundai Inokom Atos 1.1 (A) Third-party Starter
Essential parts are similar

Hyundai Inokom Atos 1.1 (A) Third-party Starter
But damn.. made in China for price we pay for is really terrible, look at the cosmetic on the solenoid.

Hyundai Inokom Atos 1.1 (A) Third-party Starter
Rust some more!.. are you sure this starter is working? I wonder..

Ok. Step 2, test the starter by applying direct current to the starter solenoid. How? check many source in the internet and youtube too. Well, it looks like something wrong with this starter, the force is too weak, it can kick the starter but somehow weak. I have new battery. 

Step 3. In order to confirm if the starter is in good condition, I tried fitting the new third-party starter to the gearbox. Finished and start the engine, damn.. it worst than the old original starter. Remove the starter again and send it back to the car-parts shop to order a new one. 

So, in the mean time I bought a new solenoid that similar to the original solenoid for about RM60++. The reason is to check whether the main starter body of the original Atos starter is still good. I need to modify a bit on the bolts hole at the main starter body. Finished to fit everything and wallla... the Atos starts without problem, one kick only. 

Well, I'm still learning about car anyway. Therefore, if any of Atos owners have the similar problem of very hard to start, check the following:

PROBLEM: If Atos has the symptoms such as difficult to start or sound like weak starter even though battery is new.

SOLUTION: Get someone to check your starter especially the solenoid, because it may be the real culprit of the problem. If the starter produce sound like buzzing or nothing at all, then the solenoid is the problem.

Otherwise, the main body of the starter may defective or other problem which I don't really know.. hehe. But, it worth to replace the solenoid first and if the car still cannot be started, then replace totally new starter. If problem still persist, check other solutions.

Now, I have an extra third-party starter. I may sell it or just keep it for future use.  About the cost, I don't know if the price quoted by Hyundai Kota Kinabalu approximately RM1K++ is including labour charge, but it definitely expensive. I think that's the reason why Hyundai service centre is reluctant to check the starter or their mechanic is too lazy to do do a checking. Thus, if third party is priced at RM200++ and the labour cost is about RM100++ (remember, it is quite difficult to remove and to install the starter due to very tight space), total cost could be around RM400++. 

Inokom AtosHyundai Inokom Atos GLA 1.1cc
Rainbow from UMS ODEC beach..Blue Sky @ Kinasaraban Kundasang
Padang kamiHujan @ Teluk Sepanggar


  1. Thank a lot for your posting on this. It really useful for a frustrated Atoz user like me.

  2. Anonymous11:28 AM

    lets talk abaout atos cooling system, is it ok to remove the thermostat permenantly.. any advise plz

  3. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Last time i got problem with thermostat,the foremen at mu place klantan advice to remove.i remove till 2 year.engine still ok.lastly , i install when change the belting...


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