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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nature after Effect: Kadamaian Waterfall and Kiau massive landslide

 The locations of the nature disaster near Kinabalu

The recent heavy rain and water from Kinabalu Mount change the landscape of the waterfall. Imagine how much water required to change the waterfall looks and painted some of the trees with orange-brownish colours. Huge amount of water rushing through Kadamaian waterfall is believed to be due to blockage of the v-shaped upper river. As the blockage cleared by the force, water pouring through the the waterfall. I've seen friends posted a photo in their facebook of a violent water at this waterfall and a massive landslide happened at Kiau not far from Kinabalu.  

Photo by: WJGidas

The force of Nature: Kadamaian Waterfall @ Kinabalu
Kadamaian Waterfall @ Kinabalu
The force of Nature: Kadamaian Waterfall @ Kinabalu
The force of Nature: Kadamaian Waterfall @ Kinabalu 
Kadamaian Waterfall of Kinabalu

Massive Landslide - Kiau
 Massive Landslide - Kiau
Landslide near Kiau, Kota Belud seen from Jalan Tamparuli-Ranau

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