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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

2nd time is not that good at this Resort

We come back to the resort for the second time (1st time here) because of their nice pool for the kids to enjoy their pool time. The pool is great and so the beach especially during sunset.

Beringgis BR
Beach @ Beringgis Beach Resort Papar Sabah
Sunset @ Beringgis BeachSunset @ Beringgis Beach, Papar
Pencari Lokan/Kepah di Pantai Beringgis, Papar

However, this time our room is bad. We want to change but the walking to the main building during a heavy rain shower is something need to be avoided. Upon checking into the room, one of the down lights are tilted (missing screw) and not functioning, rubbish bin has no plastic bag, the balcony is dirty of bird droppings and the bath tub water drain stopper missing. Also, there is nothing in the mini-fridge as the first time we checked-in one of the rooms the other day. I don't know if the receptionist knows their room condition or purposely give us the 'not-so' prepared room.

I always have the experience of disappointing feeling on the second time visiting places like restaurant and resorts. The first time is like the food is well prepared and delicious but in the second time, everything is upside down. Its the same for this resort experience, but the pool is good. The morale of the story, 2nd time is not always as expected.    

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