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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Olympus Camera with "Soul" - Tribute to Olympus E-1

Olympus E1 + ZD ED 12-60mm SWDRobin in his Olympus E-5 review has attracted lots of attentions among the camera community around the world.  His photos are remarkable. The most important is on the street review is pretty interesting with his photography and editing style.  I don't care the technical review or side-by side comparison with other camera. I think what  important is the capability of the camera in the actual environment. However people with specific requirements may still need to look at the technical review.

Olympus e-1 + zd ED 12-60mm weatherproofSpeaking of "soul" in camera, it is a very subjective term to describe and will vary based on individual preference. I can feel what he meant by the E-5 has  "soul". That bonds the person together with the camera and making photography even easier and fun. Thus, the person will keep coming back to the "soul" mate.

In my experience so far, the Olympus E-1 has a great "soul" camera for me. The feeling of holding and using the E-1 is like the camera is part your hand and mind. Although the E-1 is so much lack in terms of technology after years been in the world, but I keep going back to E-1 instead of my E-3. I don't know if I have the soul with the new E-5 when I hold the display unit. May be because I own the E-3 which is similar form factor but I just need to have the opportunity to try the E-5. Then, I will know the E-5 has a soul in me or not. 

I can sell the E-3 in anytime but not E-1. Is that mean the camera has a "soul"?
Olympus E-1 + ZD ED 12-60mm Splashproof


  1. Hi Shamrie,
    Thank you so much for your link and mention on your blog entry, I really appreciate that.
    you have some very, very nice photographs on your blog too. Reallly glad to find a great photographer with Olympus as his first choice of weapon !!

  2. Thanks robin.
    I got this blog running since long time ago but too lazy to write =) Anyway, I'm no great photographer but just a camera freak and will learn taking photo forever.


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