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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Borneo Safari 2010 - Special Stages 1 & 2

Although I missed the opportunity to go full BS2010 expedition, it is good that the first two Special Stages (SS) were started near Kota Kinabalu. So, many of the enthusiast photographers got the opportunity to shoot some of the extreme off road challenge in Borneo Safari. The venue for the SS1 and SS2 is Bukit Vor in Putatan. It is actually big stone quarry. Taking photos of the action  under the hot sun is not easy, but nothing can stop the temptation to get the shoot. I had already prepared since some previous 4x4 challenges to wear a good shoes, hand protector and large hat. I also have an umbrella and small folding chair.

Camera in use: Olympus E-1 + 12-60mm

Borneo Safari 2010 - Bukit Vor Stone Quarry
The location of SS1 & SS2 - Bukit Vor Putatan, one can see the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park Islands at the background

Borneo Safari 2010 - Prologue Special Stages 1 & 2
Some of the extreme modified 4x4 ready for the challenge

Borneo Safari 2010 - SS1 Deep water crossing
Checking the SS1 deep water crossing

Borneo Safari 2010 - Rocky crawler SS2
SS2 rock crawling

Borneo Safari 2010 - Dragon Air
The Aircraft is about to do a landing at KKIA.

Borneo Safari 2010 - Prologue Special Stages 1 & 2
It is easy for this Toyota Landcruiser BJ43 to do this water crossing

Borneo Safari 2010 - Super Suzuki Rock Crawling
Modified Suzuki has not much problem to climb the stone obstacle in SS1 with determined driving skill and successful winching.

Borneo Safari 2010 - Prologue Special Stages 1 & 2 
The co-driver of this BJ43 competitor pulling the winch cable, unfortunately they unable to climb this obstacle until end of 15 minutes to complete SS1.

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