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Monday, October 25, 2010

Borneo Safari 2010 - Flag Off

The seven-day convoy will go through the pristine rainforest, forest reserve, wildlife corridors, long abandoned timber tracks and the  buffer zone, Maliau Basin. Event theme for this year's BS2010 is awareness on conservation, nature and wildlife. The best thing for photographer is the photography competition during the event which related to the theme with attractive prize to be given away.    

Feel free to go to Borneo Safari's Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Borneo-Safari/119030938146256

Approximate path from KK to Tawau for BS2010

Actually I was invited to join a team as support car crew member and acting as the team photographer. However, when I ready to pack my gears and clothing to join the crew, I finally unable to proceed to do my dream expedition. Its due to misunderstanding on registration where I did not registered by the team as participant to follow the support car crew member. I can just go but its my responsibility if anything happen. Registered participant will get their name tag, t-shirts, cap and covered by the insurance. So, I only managed to take some photos during the Flag Off and Prologue Special Stage (SS). Anyway, I hope the team success on their expedition and competition.

I arrived early in the morning about 7.00am to avoid traffic jam and parking problem. As usual, the gathering for flag off is along Jalan Gaya, in front of Sabah Tourism Board building.
20th Borneo Safari 2010 Flag Off   

I did not take many photo of the vehicles this year, just a few which I like especially the Suzuki 4x4 such as the following photos.

20th Borneo Safari 2010 Flag Off - Suzuki SJ

Also some closeup of the vehicle parts as the following awesome Simex extrme trekker centipede tyres and double winch solution (electric winch and PTO winch)
20th Borneo Safari 2010 Flag Off - Red wording centipede
20th Borneo Safari 2010 Flag Off - Superwinch/PTO

The flag off was launched by the Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister, Datuk Masidi Manjun. The first vehicle drive through the flag off is the nice modified Suzuki Vitara then followed by other official vehicles. However, not all of the 169 participating vehicles need to drive through the flag off platform because the next event of Prologue Special Stage (SS) is due to start at Bukit Vor at Putatan.
20th Borneo Safari 2010 Flag Off - Suzuki Vitara

Not forgetting the beauty out of the beast (I mean the 4x4 vehicles) or sumandak models as one of the attractions of today event.
20th Borneo Safari 2010 Flag Off
20th Borneo Safari 2010 Flag Off - Sumandak
20th Borneo Safari 2010 Flag Off

Last but not least is the fun of the photographers (official, news, private) chaos during the flag off. Everyone were competing to get the best angle and photos. It sometime funny looking to the fellow photographers, including me trying to sneak here and there to get photos. I think that the number of photographers were increasing compared to last year flag off which is good actually to spread out the fun of this event and photography.
20th Borneo Safari 2010 Flag Off
20th Borneo Safari 2010 Flag Off
20th Borneo Safari 2010 Flag Off
20th Borneo Safari 2010 Flag Off

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