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Friday, February 03, 2012

Olympus OM-D launch date 8 Feb 2012

Now, I'm following anxiously this recent exciting Olympus classic, the OM series. Although, I have never really used the legendary OM cameras back then (only some nikon, canon and pentax SLR), but the digital OM sounds great. Well done Olympus, that what you should do long time ago. Now, It is understandable why Olympus produced the weather-shield 12-50mm m4/3 previously. I have the strong feeling again as I first purchased the Olympus E-1.

OM-D reported that it has in-body image stabilization, magnesium body, 16MP sensor, and most exciting is up to ISO25,600!. Price wise, could be RM3500++?

Waiting for Olympus OM-D

Film Camera - Olympus OM-1 & Fujicolour SUPERIA Film

Film Camera - Nikon FM2 & Olympus OM-1

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