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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Olympus new compact camera: Olympus XZ-1

Announced Olympus XZ-1 is indeed an exciting camera from Olympus. My first digital camera was the Olympus mju400 which bought in 2004. It was a great experience with the camera until I discovered that I need a better compact camera. My second digital camera is the little bit higher spec camera, Panasonic FZ30. The mju400 was still with me  but it died in  2008. Then, I bought cheap Samsung S760 compact camera. After few years with Samsung S760 for my P&S going everywhere camera, I think I need a good new point and shoot camera. In fact, the S760 already started to make weird  fault. As usual,  I have to wait for the camera to be available at the camera shop for testing, while friend with easy access and well known by Olympus Malaysia have the opportunity to test the camera directly from the company. 

Having an e-system camera, this XZ-1 surely compliments the need for a backup camera. I'm on my saving (hopefully) to own this camera. Equipped with Zuiko Digital lens 6-24mm f/1.8-2.5 (equivalent with 14-56mm in the 4/3 format, 2.3x crop factor or 28-112mm in 35mm term), XZ-1 is on top of the P&S in its class. I'm not too worried about the depth-of-field of such camera because I know it somewhat similar to the 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6.

Photos from: Olympus Malaysia

The large and high-sensitivity 1/1.63" CCD sensor also an extra value to the camera which is considered big enough for compact. Thus high-iso shooting condition can be possible up to ISO800. Now, lets wait and see how this camera performed when I have the opportunity to test it. However, I still have no luck to test E-5 till now, other than playing the toy.. how? =)

Other important info excerpted from forum:
1. Expected street price around RM1699 (Olympus xz1 Malaysia Price RRP: RM1799)
2. Closest focusing distance: 1cm

Information and specification of the camera is available at Olympus Malaysia website at http://www.olympusimage.com.my/products/compact/x_series/xz1/

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