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Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to go to Kundasang?

First of all, thank you for arriving into my blog.

Whether you will arrive in Kota Kinabalu by an airplane (Terminal 1 or Terminal 2), sea or land, I would like to welcome you to Sabah Below the Wind and also welcome to Kundasang, the home for Sabah vegetables and Mount Kinabalu. I know my page is not really informative but hopefully can benefit to you.

My blog receives quite many references from search engines looking for "Kundasang map", "peta kundasang", "how to go to Kundasang from KK" and some other similar keywords. Thus, I will try as possible to briefly explain how to go to Kundasang from Kota Kinabalu. It’s a bit sad actually that Sabah’s public transport is not yet fully developed to integrate all important destinations at the moment. However, I’m hoping that the Sabah Government will work out on this issue as soon as possible to provide better public transport links to popular destinations especially Kundasang.

Normally, when friends ask me about a vacation to Kundasang, I would suggest they go directly to Kundasang after their arrival at the airport before getting back to Kota Kinabalu for city and islands sightseeing. From there you can take one night accommodation at Kundasang and experience the cloud free Mount Kinabalu in the morning.

Where is Kundasang?
Kundasang highland which the best place to get near to Kinabalu is located 90km and approximately 2 hours driving from Kota Kinabalu. One can take a bus or taxi from Jalan Padang Bus Terminal for approximately RM17.00 per person and  RM160.00 to RM300.00 per taxi from Ranau Taxi Stand (located beside the Padang Merdeka).

Most easiest to view the location of Kundasang is using Google Map. A is Padang Merdeka taxi terminal and B is Kundasang:

Panorama Kundasang
 Kundasang panoramic view

What to bring to Kundasang?
Kundasang is a bit cold during the night, thus you may have to bring an extra jacket. Lip balm could be needed to avoid dry lip.

What to do in Kundasang?
  1. Checkout homestay events.
  2. Visit to Kundasang War Memorial
  3. Visit to vegetable farm 
  4. Visit to vegetable and fruit market
  5. Visit Mesilau Dairy Farm
  6. Visit Kinabalu Park 

Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kota Kinabalu
Kota Kinabalu International Airport

How to go to Kundasang?
There are few options depending on your convenience. Possible best option is rent a car for self drive so that it will be easy to move around or hire a tour van for one day journey to Kundasang. Other options are by taxi, bus and motorcycle hire.

A. By taxi 
First option to go to Kundasang (without rent a car) by taxi. If you are not able to rent a car, here is the first option assuming you are arriving from any airplane terminals.
  1. Find the taxi counter inside the terminal and ask for a taxi to Kota Kinabalu City Center taxi terminal to Kundasang/Ranau (currently near Padang Merdeka). They will quote you the fare. The taxi fare is approximately RM30.
  2. At the Kota Kinabalu City Center taxi/bus terminal, go to the taxi/bus counter and ask for the journey to Kundasang/Ranau. Taxi fare will be a bit higher than bus but takes you to Kundasang faster than the bus services. The taxi fare is approximately RM160-300.  
  3. The journey to Kundasang takes about 2 hours.    
B. By bus 
Second option by bus.
  1. Find the taxi counter inside the terminal and ask for a taxi to City Bus Terminal (long distance bus station currently located at Inanam).
  2. Check bus counter to Kundasang/Ranau. Bus fare is RM17.
  3. The journey to Kundasang takes 2-4 hours depending on the out-bound time and stops made by the bus.
C. Rent a car 
Third option to go to Kundasang (with a rental car) and probably with your GPS in hand.
  1. Book from a rental car prior to your arrival in Kota Kinabalu. Rental cost ranging from RM60-RM300 daily depending on the type of car you rent.
  2. Normally car rental provider will bring the car to the terminal where you disembark from.  
  3. Drive out from the terminal and heading towards Kota Kinabalu City Center.
  4. Drive out of Kota Kinabalu heading towards the road to Tuaran/Kudat and then to Kundasang and you should arrive at Kundasang approximately about 2-3 hours depending on your driving convenience. 
D. Tour van 
Fourth option is to hire an operative guided tour van. For this option, you need to check additional information if you are interested.

E. Rent a motorcycle
Fifth option is to hire a motorcycle.  


  1. salam,

    boleh bantu sy, coz nak travel seluruh borneo, email sy malaysia4wdsuv@yahoo.com


  2. saya minat dengan story anda,

    dan sy plan nk tour borneo, mungkin perlukan bantuan dan info dari anda.....

    hubungi sy... malaysia4wdsuv@yahoo.com

  3. Anonymous3:03 PM

    I would like to travel to kundasang by public transportation ie.bus from kk airport.. please give me the best suggestion

    1. Sorry late reply.
      I think there is no direct bus from KK Airport to Kundasang. Unless using tour van. Normally need to take a taxi to Padang Merdeka and then bus/van/taxi to Kundasang.

  4. is it difficult to drive to Kundasang? how is the condition of the road?

    1. Hi kristenling

      Sorry for late reply.. rarely on blog lately.

      It is not difficult to drive to Kundasang. You just need to be careful when driving on winding paved road on hill/mountain road. Enjoy the scenery.

  5. is there any public transport from kundasang to ranau? i mean from round about near Desa Cattle Farm up to Poring and Sabah Tea Plantation?

    1. Sorry for rarely in blog lately.

      I think there is no public transport which go directly from Kundasang to Poring. Unless you would charter mini bus or taxi from Kundasang.

      However there is public transport from Kundasang to Ranau town and catch another public transport to Poring.

      You probably need to hire/charter taxi or mini van to go sabah tea.

  6. My flight land at kk by 7pm,isnt safe n possible to drive to kundasang at night if I rent a car?

    1. I very sorry not able to reply you on time due to I have not in this blog for quite some time.

      Anyway, it is still possible to drive to Kundasang at night (8-11pm) but you need to take extra cautions, drive carefully and observe if there any fog when approaching Kundasang.


  7. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Hi Mr. Sam, this is Edmund from Semenanjung Malaysia. I will be visiting KK (Sabah) soon later at November. It is a four day trip, and I am attending the convocation of my niece. I am looking to rent a car, and we will be visiting Kundasang. May I check is it okay to rent small car like Axia or Proton Iriz? Road condition okay for small car to go up to Kundasang? Thank you.

    1. Hi Edmund,

      Congratulation for your niece convocation.

      First, sorry that this info may now outdated. Kindly check new information on how to go to Kundasang on other sources (blog/fb/etc.)

      Axia and Proton Iriz should be okay. I have my Atos 1.1 going to my home at Kundasang once a while with 2 adults and 3 kids. Just that need extra careful driving on winding uphill road to Kundasang. My friend (2 adults, 1 child) from semenanjung also previously rented auto hyundai io from hertz kkia airport to kundasang/desa dairy farm/ranau.

      So, small car should be no problem. Take care, enjoy the drive and do not overtake slow moving vehicles like buses or lorries if you are not sure. That's what I did when using my ageing Atos.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and enjoy your stay in Sabah.


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