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Monday, February 15, 2010

Matupang 4x4 Challenge

Matupang is a village located in the district of Ranau on the way to Telupid road from Ranau town. This event was jointly organized by Kundasang four Wheel Drive (K4WDC) and youth association of Kampung Matupang, Ranau. It is a Semi Hardcore challenge for about 12 powerful 4x4 cars of different makes and modification.   

Cabaran 4x4 Matupang - Suzuki 4x4 SJ 2.4cc Turbo

Hardcore mud water bogging

 Cabaran 4x4 Matupang - Toyota Hilux LN106

 Toyota Landruiser BJ43

 Cabaran 4x4 Matupang - Toyota Landcruiser BJ40

Cabaran 4x4 Matupang - Bendera Malaysia

Cabaran 4x4 Matupang - Suzuki 4x4 SJ413

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