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Friday, January 08, 2010

Olympus and Me. Why I shoot Olympus

For all brand wars out there, one might ask why I'm using Olympus DSLR? The answer is obviously simple, because I choose Olympus. I'm not a pro and never a pro but a user of the camera that I choose.

Its all about preference and which system you are familiar and attached to it. I choose Olympus simply because I was attached to it from the beginning. Again its a matter of preference and very subjective. Each DSLR systems has their pros and cons therefore their potential and limit need to be utilized.

Although I talk mostly about higher end Olympus camera here but still the E-30, E-620, E-520 share the same technologies such as the original  Olympus invention - SSWF (super sonic wave filter for dust reduction), IS (In-body Image Stabilization) and Live-View in the LCD. In addition, E-30 and E-620 offer few interesting art filters which add more creative shooting in-camera. And believe me you will be addicted with the art filters. The basic and pretty small camera, E-420 is there if you want a cheaper camera for normal usage without IS but with SSWF and still can use Olympus Zuiko Digital range of lenses. Now even smaller DSLR cameras such as PEN (E-P1 and E-P2) with remarkable performance.

Olympus E-1 + splashproof
Point 1: Splash proof of the body and durable (E-1 and E-3). 

Olympus E1 + ZD ED 12-60mm SWD
Point 2: Splash proof in body and some of the lenses enable me to shot in mild rain (e.g. during the 4x4 event where there always rain during the event). Even the standard lens 14-42mm still survived during Tagudon 4x4 event with rain - forgot to bring an umbrella. 

Olympus E1, Battery Grip, Zuiko Digital 14-42mm
Point 3: Dust Reduction - I NEVER encounter dust in my photo because the SSWF (Super Sonic Wave Filter) helps a lot, which it uses a powerful ultrasonic vibration to shake off dust and debris.

Olympus E1 + ZD ED 12-60mm SWD
Point 4: The beauty -  I don't have to own many lenses for my photography interest.

Olympus E1 + OM 50mm f/1.8
Point 5: The old remain fresh with the OM lenses.

Supernonic wave drive in 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0
Point 6: SWD - Supersonic Wave Drive in some of the lenses for faster focusing

Olympus E3 + ZD ED 12-60mm SWD
Point 7: I'm full - Weatherproof, SWD, SSWF (supersonic wave filter) and what it takes, unless I'm going to pro lenses - only high ISO performance will Olympus strive to improve.

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