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Monday, January 04, 2010

My Olympus E-1 shutter life

I was busy photographing the 4x4 Challenge at Kundasang on 1/1/2010 when the E-1 camera produces odd looking photo patched with white, looks like a flare every time I press the shutter. I thought that my 14-42mm lens dead but when I remove the lens, I noticed one piece of thing blocked the sensor as seen in the following photo.

Olympus E-1 and broken shutter curtain?

I bought this camera 2nd hand early 2009 with marks all in its body shows that it was heavily used before me. I use again the E-1 extremely heavy that it's become my daily camera, going anywhere with me. In a year I have clicked the shutter almost 30k or more looking from my photo collections. In the certain event, I press the shutter in burst mode. The body rock but the elements inside are not, which the lifetime could be ended. The shutter curtain failed in January 2010 exactly a year I bought the camera. Need a new life because I still love the camera.

Olympus E-1 Shutter Actuation reset?
The shutter count is not true because it will reset to 0 especially if the battery is empty during use of the camera.

Look at the video below:

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