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Friday, February 20, 2009

My story about SAMAN PDRM


I found out that this posting receive many reference from search engine (most clicked in my blog with 37% of all clicktrough), so if you come here as suggested by the search engine, I'm sorry.. Go to Rilek or MYEG for all your saman. This is only my experience with saman.
~Edit: 29 June 2009
Hangin betul aku hari ni.. hangin!!!

First case with saman:

Well, my first time with stupid case with summons by PDRM was in 2005. I want to renew my driving license but refused because I have one summon which is still pending. I requested the details and to my surprise the offense was made in Papar, Sabah (I am at Changun, Kedah) by the name of Azmie Bin Jaafar but my own identification number. The offense is driving without license.

Then all the nightmares came in to settle the thing at Alor Setar Traffic which I was given a letter (contains few wrong spelling of BM words) to retract the case but still JPJ is still insist me to settle the summons to Bukit Aman. I called Bukit Aman and a nice woman entertain me of my stupid case. Within two hours I went back to JPJ to check whether I can renew my license, oh.. my problem solved. Thanks to the police woman at Bukit Aman, sorry I don't know your name.

Second case with saman:
I always use either rilek.com.my or e-services.com.my to check summons after my first summon experience. The last time I check for my summon was on December before my car was shipped to Kota Kinabalu. No, there is no summon because if I have summons, I can't renew my driving license.

Actually my wife was checking the web application she develop during her work with rilek.com.my of KOMMS company. So, I checked again summons if I got anything. Damn, I got one.. yes one summon. I called traffic at Kangar Perlis to check for me if the summon is true and yes it is true with three reminder letters was sent to me (I did not receive any!). This time the policeman on the line was not nice raising his voice of why I didn't pay the summon. I said if the summon was listed earlier then I can't renew my driving license. Damn again, damn the policeman which he don't care of my case. I don't care the summon but of course who like if kena saman. The thing is, why the summon is only posted 4 years after it was produced, but the stupid first case was given to me so fast without checking if that a legitimate summon?

This come into my mind of these possibilities:
1. The summon was likely saman ekor which got many complaints
2. The summon is true but the person incharge did not put in the database
3. The database error?
4. They just found out the summon ticket when audit come..

whatever it is, WHY AFTER 4 YEARS?

Anyway, don't get me wrong here.. I always support our PDRM for protecting our street and many more works. Do not just blame them for carrying their duty, just that we are also need to be a responsible citizen. 


  1. saman balik JPJ n police!,,,
    and astro!... heh...heh...heh
    biasala depa ni terhegeh!
    cepat time nak kutip duit aja.
    ...... ;-)

  2. siapa lah aku.. dorang tu harimau.

  3. that's what we call apathy. sikap ambil lewa. takkan lah nak register astro kena tunggu sampai 48 hours?

    pasal polis no comments lah...

  4. Fadziana11:49 AM

    hi syamrie. After reading your blog..i checked mine at e-services... phuhh 7 saman speeding. All under my name since 2005. Tak perasan pulak ...rasanya saya ni bersopan santun bila bawak kereta. :)
    Tapi so far tak pernah pulak kena block bila nak renew roadtax...and until today tak de satu pun saman yang dipos ke rumah.


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