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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mangasok parai at Telupid

Telupid - mindahu hilo dumo
Mindahu - Olympus E1 + 12-60mm

'Mangasok': [proun] ma. nga. sok [/proun] is process to grow the 'padi huma', first by using a stick to make a small hole for the seeds. Padi huma will grow within few weeks without the need to worry about water and just rely on the rain.

Telupid - mangasok parai (padi huma)
Blue sky with E1 + 12-60mm, edited on the lower left because of out of focus object.

How to get blue sky?
Olympus E1 + 12-60mm

In my photography style, I tend to take  photo with slightly underexposed but that actually add more noise. In the post processing, I will just increase the highlight carefully to lessen the effect of the noise.
The original photo of the above processed photo which the sky was already blue, then only done an auto level and contrast in post processing.

Ladies taking a break.. time to eat some 'sirih' called 'meginggat' in Dusun language - Olympus E1 + 12-60mm

Resmi Padi Huma - Telupid
So at least five months from now, the paddy will ready to be harvested.

Spider web - morning dew
The mist in the morning at Telupid make this spider web even beautiful with morning dew - Olympus E1 + 12-60mm

Telupid - smiling cloud?
Another nature comes at noon here, the dancing and smiling cloud.. - Samsung S760

Telupid - cloud formation
its like the cloud or a spirit come out from the house.. Olympus E1+12-60mm


  1. Yoho nga alaid no awu minongoi pangasok. Biarpun tidak jauh dari Sandakan tapi osusa oku noh kanu do cuti. Kesian no tamaku sengulun noh do mangasok.

  2. cantik lah gambar awan2 tuh... nipis2 cam kapas.

  3. bro..do u pp the pix? or all out of camera?..

  4. AAR: Thanks for the inquiry. All photos taken with Olympus 12-60mm lens and attached CPL. I've done a minimal post processing using Photoshop to auto level, contrast and sharpening.



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