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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Preserving Kundasang?

I would say this is a very good move and initiative, to preserve Kundasang. This should be done earlier.

I am referring to recent news in The New Straits Times dated on 26 June 2009 with the title "There is money in cleaning up, preserving Kundasang".

The army of flies that swarms any one who stops by Kundasang township, about seven kilometres from here, tells of an area that is far from being hygienic.
Masidi claimed visitors to Mount Kinabalu National Park, averaging nearly half a million annually, often gave Ranau town and Kundasang a miss because of the lack of cleanliness.
Since long ago, people of Kundasang were already immune with files. That's why some people call Kundasang is a 'Most Dirtiest Town in Sabah'. This is a long history of Kundasang with the flies due to this place with uncontrolled farming activities but less activities on advanced agricultural waste management.

I agree to Masidi Manjun to allocate some big money on cleaning, preserve, planting trees, better agricultural zonning and waste management in Kundasang. I'm not in biology or something in pest researcher but may be can start with how to make those flies to stop their growth.


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