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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mount Kinabalu in Rambo 4?

It has been blogged by others and also out in the local news about possibility of a footage in Rambo 4 that believed to be the majestic Mount Kinabalu. I watched the movie my self to look for the footage and capture the following:

and a crop of the footage:

and look at the following photo by Louis Phang (Sabah International Award winning wedding photographer) to compare the picturesque of both:

If it is true that the film was using the Kinabalu footage and no credit was given to Sabah and Malaysia, it's really not fair although it may be taken from a stock photo. This movie was a block buster. Judge yourself..

This footage is after Rambo rescued the woman and before missing alert happened. Its very nice morning in this place, I wonder where was this footage taken..


  1. owhh, too bad.. hv u seen any appreciation notes on their acknowledgment part..?

  2. As far is last credits scene of the movie concern, I didn't notice any word mention about Sabah/Malaysia Tourism at least, only mentioning about the source of some stock photo name.

  3. i gave up watching rambo long time ago. heard the last one was a flop : abt rambo in myanmar.

    whatever it is, action movies where americans are heroes and others are villians do not appeal anymore

  4. yup,rambo no more. pathetic one action hero. too typical. sucks!

  5. Haha.. I watch em to look for my self and I wil hunt Mt Kinabalu Photo in every direction while I am here.. when.. haha don't know la.

  6. tak yah susah2...watch other rational shows like the simpsons. jom tonton simpsons

  7. dah tengok..
    but as photography geek, I will do some kinabalu outing in various direction when I'm free and to be shared here.. wait.


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